Mirror Image | Kinga Fabó

‘Mirror Image’ a poem by Kinga Fabó translated by George Szirtes published in Modern Poetry in Translation by Clare Pollard formerly edited by Sasha Dugdale….

Meta/ Phor(e) /Play

Kinga Fabó
Translated byGeorge Szirtes

A pair of glances intersecting.
Between the two the image dances.
Only between this pair of glances

Do I exist as something seen,
This hook and eye of glance and light
—working down the lines of sight—

that now I flash but then allow
to guide me through the mirror so
that I may glimpse the self that sees.

Continually I catch her eye
through moments to eternities
where they are fixed nor will let go,

not once, because what now divides
later conjoins and reunites
every time the glance invites.

It offers then it borrows back.
It breaks up the continuous flow
between the likeness and the fact

of face itself, the visual field
busted open: face erased
before my very eyes, shame-faced,

so vision itself seeks escape.
Between two pairs of eyes the thread
remains suspended in ‘instead’.

It fills my eyes…

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